Sunday, October 4, 2015

Baby Rhythms Music Classes

Sara Stevens Zur, Ed.D., Music Education
Phone: 054.337.2825

“My son just loves your class, and so do I. It is a highlight of our week. It brings me such joy to see him interact with you and the other children and parents. I admire your talent and ease with the kids. And you notice and compliment each child in very specific ways. Everyone’s budding skills are recognized and appreciated. Sara’s BabyRhythms Class is one of our favorite activities in Jerusalem!”
-       Karie

My two-year-old daughter looks forward to Sara's class all week long and sings the songs from class all the time, as do I!”
-       Judy

Creative, educational, and fun music classes with a growing community of friends geared toward babies, toddlers, and young children.


Baby Rhythms Music Class
About Sara
Sara has earned her BME, MA, and Ed.D. degrees all in music education, specializing in early childhood. With over 10 years of teaching experience, she has taught in preschool settings with infants, toddlers and preschoolers, elementary school, as well as college and university classes. She has worked as an educational consultant and curriculum designer for several early childhood music programs in New York including “Music Within” at the Harlem School of Music and “WeBop!” at Jazz at Lincoln Center.
Sara has presented research in areas of music play, spontaneous music, and cultural issues at the Early Childhood Music Educators Commission in Greece, Spain and  Taiwan, and at the International Seminar of Music Education in Norway. She has also presented papers across the US and Australia. Sara’s work has been published in Music Educators Journal, Childhood Education: Infancy Through Early Adolescence, and The Qualitative Report

Benefits of Early Child Music Classes

·         Listening Skills
·         Aesthetic Awareness
·         Cognitive Development
·         Social Development
·         Emotional Awareness
·         Bonding with Parent
·         Motor Skills
·         Expressive Development
·         Confidence
·         Joy!

What Does My Child Learn?
Music enables us to be humanly unique in a way that no other subject can. The creation, study, and sharing of music can contribute powerfully toward our well-being—emotional, social, and cognitive—as well as to our development as a whole. Children who are musically engaged experience intrinsic joy, as well as important feelings of belonging, meaning, confidence, and competence.

As you and your child move, sing, and play in a variety of musical experiences, you are becoming attuned not only to the emotional content and formal structure of music, but to each other as well!

In Sara’s class, children learn through imitation, observation, experimentation, and self-initiation. Babies, toddlers, and children explore their voices, dance, move, play instruments, music games, and more. Many styles and genres of music are introduced. Children learn to anticipate musical patterns, and react to the changes they hear through movement and instrument play.  Formal music learning and play happen almost simultaneously in fun and creative ways. Many musical skills and concepts are being introduced all the time!

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